Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Lyssa's Log: No doubt siblings can be goofballs! But we still love them. They can be pretty loud at times and some times they can be really sweet. But they're are those times they just act like Complete goofballs! Same thing with friends but we love are friends and siblings. sometimes we can get along yet some times we can't. Have you ever had a moment where you and your friend/sibling are sitting down being bored and your friend/sibling starts doing something Totally Bonkers? Well if you know what that's like that's my life but I wouldn't trade my life, friends or family for anything! Now that you know what my life is like tell me about yours in the comments. Peace Out!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Tuna Barn

Lyssa's Log: Today I will be talking about Tuna Barn which is a Cat my Grandparents found yesterday at their house. The name Tuna Barn is pretty simple because my papa fed him a can of Tuna and said that he could stay if he stayed in the barn. So Tuna Barn is not his name that's just what I call him. My Grandparents need a cat but the dogs Do Not think so! Well my Family is waiting for me to make dinner so Peace Out! <3


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