Saturday, April 30, 2016

A-Z: Z

Lyssa's Log: Zootopia. So my friends went and saw Zootopia in theaters the other night. She said it was a good movie and that she really liked it. My favorite band also went to see it and they said it was good and decided to do a cover of one of the songs from the movie, Try Everything by Shakira. I'm looking forward to seeing this movie. From what I understand, its about a new rabbit police officer who wants to fit in and fight crime. Apparently nothing goes right and she gets help from an annoyed fox. I don't really get a whole lot from trailers! Shakira stars in the movie too, I believe she's a gazelle. Zootopia looks like a really good one, and from what I've seen from the trailers, its awfully funny! Who else went to see this movie? And if you haven't, do you want to? Ya know what else looks like a good one? The Jungle Book. And Captain America: Civil War. I can't believe we're closing out A-Z, Its been such a fun activity. Well, Peace Out!

Friday, April 29, 2016

A-Z: Y

Lyssa's Log: Yuck! We all know that some food can be gross, brussel sprouts, broccoli, radiators, carpet cleaner...I'll stop there. Everyone dislikes at least one kind of food. I don't like ravioli. Kristin doesn't like any vegetables or fruit. Robbie doesn't like potatoes. Xander doesn't like spicy tuna. Mom doesn't like brussel sprouts. Dad doesn't like tomatoes. What don't you like? What food can you not stand? You may have one food from every food group. If you had to eat your favorite food and ONLY your favorite food, how long could you go without losing taste for it? My favorite food is pickled okra, so i think I could go about 2 or 3 months. What's your favorite food? Favorite meal? Favorite drink? How long can you stand it before saying yuck? I think I'd make it about 2 months before saying yuck to pickled okra and milk. Peace Out! 

Thursday, April 28, 2016

A-Z: X

Lyssa's Log: Xtra special! I went to my 4th concert last night and it was AWESOME! I went to see Home Free, the world's first and only country A Capella band. I saw them in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Cox Business Center!  I got to say hi and hug my favorite member, hug the tenor's girlfriend, the bass' girlfriend, the newest member and I got to highfive the merch guy Nate! I enjoyed this very much! I got to hang with Chance (the newest member) for 15 minutes! He and the rest of the band signed a packet of brown gravy for me! I amused the bass, Tim, slipping my glasses on and off and making a squeaking sound while I did it. I conversed with the beatboxer, Adam, about movies and my being short. I was very happy with this show! They are a bunch of amusing dorks. I gave Chance an odd compliment. I said "Hey Chance! Can I give you an odd compliment? You is like a broken skunk, you do not stink." He got a kick out of that! I gave Austin's girlfriend a plastic cow, her favorite animal is cow. These guys are seriously fun and talented creatures. Adam hit new low notes that made my necklace vibrate so much that it was jumping and floating off my shirt! My family and I got to take pictures with their tour bus Waldo and my sister and I took a couple intermission selfies! Peace Out!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A-Z: W

Lyssa's Log: WINTER JAM!!!!! I experienced my first Winter Jam on March 13, 2016 at the Tulsa BOK center! The bands were: We Are Messengers, New Song, Matthew West, Crowder, Lauren Daigle, Red, Sidewalk Prophets, Stars Go Dim, KB-Tedashii-Trip Lee and for King & Country. In my opinion, for King & Country was the best! Red shot fire, Matthew West shot confetti, Crowder played Cotton-eyed Joe and for King & Country was still the most amazing! I am still amazed by some of the little, yet so important things. Like: Joel Smallbone of for King & Country placed his hand on mine and called me love, his brother Luke walked right past me, Luke's line in every performance of It's Not Over Yet "I never knew Tulsa Oklahoma had so much swagger!". I just love these little moments that I will cherish for years. How many Winter Jams have you been to? Which was your favorite band/pairing in that year's line up? Speaking of Winter Jam, Who went to see the new Winter Jam movie? I can't wait! It's called This Is Winter Jam with special guests like Colton Dixon, Tony Nolan and more! I enjoyed the Winter Jam experience, and these bands made it so special, and going with my friends and family made it so much better. I'm sad to see A-Z come to an end, so lets make these last few letters count. Peace Out Y'all!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

A-Z: V

Lyssa's Log: Very, very interesting! There are many things in this world that are interesting. Some more interesting than others, like bikes are more interesting than chairs and marsh mellows are more interesting than noodles. Camping is interesting,  animals are very interesting and bands are very, very interesting! You can see where my interest lies. I want a lizard, lizards are interesting. I saw my favorite band in the entire world, live! That was awesome! And very interesting. Camping for 10 days with all my friends and family? That was interesting. Very, very, very, very interesting. Violins: interesting. Cellos: very interesting. Cello player Benjamin Backus: extremely interesting and awesome! for King & Country: very, very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY interesting. What did you experience that was very interesting? I have a lot of very interesting stories I could share, but I won't. My father is a very, very, very interesting man, my family is a very, very, very interesting family. I have very, very, very interesting friends. Did I mention that everyone I hang out with was very, very, very interesting? No? Well, they're very, very, very interesting. Hey! I found another very interesting thing! My soup, its very interesting. Tell me what interests you! Peace Out!

Monday, April 25, 2016

A-Z: U

Lyssa's Log: Uncles! I have many uncles, Uncle Roger, Uncle Marvin, Uncle Shawn, Uncle Brad, Uncle Jerry, Uncle Rod and that's it.  I love all my uncles, I may not see them all the time,but I still love them just the same. I can't help but pray for Uncle Roger, Uncle Marvin and Uncle Shawn because they're usually traveling. I pray for all my family, because I love them. I have many aunts along with my uncles: Aunt LeAnne, Aunt Eileen, Aunt Julia, Aunt Margie, Aunt Allyson and Aunt Cheryl. Wow, I've really not much to say. We close out the challenge I will have some cool things to talk about starting with W. So um, Peace Out I guess.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

A-Z: T

Image result for tedashii 2015Lyssa's Log: Tedashii! Tedashii is a christian rapper from Hawaii.  He was born on March 8th, 1977 in Lufkin, Texas . Making him 39.  Believe it or not Tedashii is his real name. Also know as T-Dot, Tedashii Lavoy Anderson has released four solo albums, Kingdom People, Identity Crisis, Blacklight and Below Paradise, on Reach Records. My personal favorite song is Dark Days & Darker Nights featuring Britt Nicole. As I've mentioned before, I saw Tedashii join up with KB and Trip Lee on the Winter Jam 2016 tour. That was a good pairing. I saw Big Hero 6 in theaters with my family and one of the lines from the movie is "Tedashii is here". So when we heard that Tedashii would be at Winter Jam, me and my dad instantly said "Tedashii is here!" I think they should have introduced him that way at Winter Jam, but sadly they didn't. My brother Robbie likes his song Bravo. No matter how much I dislike that song, he will play it. But hey, it gets him to be quiet. He also enjoys a song by Family Force Five that Tedashii features in, its called Chainsaw. WARNING: One you've listened to Chainsaw, you won't stop listening to Chainsaw, you also won't stop bowing to the knees and cranking it like a chainsaw. I'll put a link to his song Dark Days & Darker Nights with Britt Nicole. Please check out his music, I think you'll enjoy it. Peace Out! Tedashii - Dark Days, Darker Nights ft.Britt Nicole (Lyrics) - YouTube

Friday, April 22, 2016

A-Z: S

Lyssa's Log: Wanda Maximoff! a.k.a Scarlet Witch. Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff, sister of Pietro Maximoff. Daughter of Djangus and Marya Maximoff. I'm gonna use the Age Of Ultron view. SPOILER ALERT!  So, in Age Of Ultron Pietro, Wanda's brother tells Ultron of their past. "We were eating dinner, the four of us (referring to the twins and their parents) and the first shell hits. Boom! It makes a big hole in the floor, our parents go in, I grab her and we roll under the bed." Pietro explains "And the second shell hits. But, it doesn't go off, it just sits there with one word painted on it." "Stark." Wanda finishes "We wait for 2 days for it to go off. Every shift in the bricks, every attempt to save us we think, this will set it off. We wait for 2 dasy for Stark to kill us.". They blamed Tony Stark for their parents deaths. She has Telekinesis and Mind controlling powers, whenever she uses them, red smoke-like streams come from her fingers. Only she can see them though. She's definitely a cool character. I like the way she does it too, its a unique power if you ask me. Here's a picture of the actress from Age Of Ultron. Peace Out!

Thursday, April 21, 2016

A-Z: R

Lyssa's Log: Reborn Joy. My name is Alyssa, turns out Alyssa is Hebrew! Alyssa means Reborn, and my Hebrew middle name is Teckya, Joy. So my Hebrew name is Reborn Joy or, Alyssa Tekya Bat Shoshanna. Bat means daughter, Shoshanna is my mother. That means, Reborn Joy, daughter of Shoshanna. A friend of my dad's lasered my name and my Hebrew name into a block of wood for a birthday gift. I also go by many other names: crazy, weird, odd, dork, dorkfish, Lys and once or twice, Puddentayne. Don't ask, just don't ask. I can't wait to see what other names I'll be given as I continue through life, but right now I'm too afraid to ask! Peace Out!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A-Z: Q

Lyssa's Log: Pietro Maximoff! Maybe you know him by a different name, Quicksilver? Pietro and his twin sister, Wanda were raised by Django and Marya Maximoff, a gypsy couple. As adolescents Pietro and his sister Wanda discovered that they had peculiar talents. When Django began to steal food to feed his starving family, enraged villagers attacked the gypsy camp. Using his phenomenal speed, Pietro fled from the camp with his sister. Over the next few years, Wanda and Pietro wandered central Europe, living off the land. One day, Wanda accidentally caused a house to burst into flames with her uncontrollable hex powers and the pair was chased by superstitious townspeople. Despite Pietro's attempt to defend her, the twins were soon overpowered and were rescued by Magneto. That's the Marvel comic version of it. However if you've seen Age Of Ultron, they explain their story a bit different. Pietro Maximoff was a genetically enhanced Sokovian citizen who was capable of moving and thinking at superhuman speeds. He was the older twin brother of Wanda Maximoff. Ultron, knowing that the Twins hated Stark, met with them in a Sokovian monastery where Pietro explained how their family was killed by Tony Stark's bombs. Ultron offered them a position by his side and they accepted.That is Pietro Maximoff, a.k.a Quicksilver. My S post will be about Wanda, who later earns the title "Scarlet Witch". Comment below about which Marvel character is your favorite and why. Don't forget to mention which movie they were in. Peace Out! 
Pietro Poster Cropped

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A-Z: P

Image result for priceless for king and countryLyssa's Log: Priceless. Priceless is my favorite song in the entire music industry ever! It was written by christian pop band, for King & Country. They are my favoritest band. The brothers in the band are Joel and Luke Smallbone. Priceless is about the worth of a woman,"Part of the DNA of for KING & COUNTRY is this idea of respect and honor in relationships and women being priceless," Joel said in a press release. "What we've both found in our beliefs as men is that people are made equal. No one is a commodity and everyone deserves to be loved and loved well." "The best legacy I can leave is if I am a good dad and good husband. If my family environment was out of whack, I don't know if I'd even be able to write songs anymore," said Luke. They have a necklace with an Australian one cent coin in it, declaring that women are priceless, and that men should treat them that way. They have a bracelet that says Respect and Honor on it. As Joel said "The respect and honor bracelets are a sign to men saying "Women are priceless, count me in, I wanna be a part of this movement, chivalry is not dead."".  The chorus of Priceless is simply this: I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right. I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you, Oh so PRICELESS. Its a very moving and building song. I don't know about y'all, but this song definitely builds my self-esteem. The whole PRICELESS movement is amazing. The Smallbone brothers have a movie coming out soon entitled PRICELESS, the main character in the movie is Joel and Luke is the director. Moriah Peters' sister Bianca also stars in the movie. Here's the link to Priceless, I suggest taking a look at the necklace and bracelets. Priceless by for KING & COUNTRY (Lyrics) - YouTube Peace Out! 

Monday, April 18, 2016

A-Z: O

Lyssa's Log: Owl City. Owl City is one man, Adam Young. He's a cool dude, with songs like Fireflies and Vanilla Twilight. He also does songs with some pretty cool people, like You're Not Alone with Britt Nicole and Verge with Aloe Blacc. These are all pretty good songs, and this is a good band. I just recently got the newest album labeled Ocean Eyes. Ocean Eyes has 12 tracks, I however have the delux edition with a bonus disc that has 7 songs. In order of the disc here are the tracks on Ocean Eyes: 1. Cave In 2. The Bird And The Worm 3. Hello Seattle 4. Umbrella Beach 5. The Saltwater Room 6. Dental Care 7. Meteor Shower 8. On The Wing 9. Fireflies 10. The Tip Of The Iceberg 11. Vanilla Twilight and Tidal Wave. I will warn you, if you listen to any of these songs, they will not make any sense! They are pointless lyrics and actually quite hilarious. Owl City is rather unique and crazy. Here's the link for Verge featuring Aloe Blacc: Owl City - Verge ft. Aloe Blacc - YouTube Peace Out!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

A-Z: N

Lyssa's Log: Ninjas. What are ninjas? Exactly. Are they people in suits? Or are they super skilled blanket people? Yep, there blanket people, totally blanket people. That's how they're able to move around so easily. Ninjas are smooth and quick, never seen and made entirely out of cotton. Ninjas are skilled in karate, jujitsu and folding. That's right, super-sonic folding skills. Don't act like this isn't funny. They have to know how to fold in case they ever get injured. For instance, say they get stabbed, the need to fold over the part that was stabbed so that they're cotton doesn't leak out. Am I makin' sense here? No? Good. So, if you ever encounter an injured jujitsu and karate skilled, blanket people ninja, learn to fold. It might just save an innocent blanket's life. Peace Out! Image result for ninja

Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z: M

Image result for joel and moriahLyssa's Log: Moriah Peters!  Moriah Peters is the lovely wife of Joel Smallbone. She is an amzing and very talented christian artist. Moriah has a dizzying array of hairstyles just like her husband. Sometimes its long and white, other times its short and brown. And at unexpected times its long and brown or short and white. Moriah is really pretty and encouraging. She and Joel saved their first kiss for their wedding day, and she explained why. "Well, this is something that God told me to save, I felt  Him pulling on me and saying "Just wait." so I listened.". As she explained, she likes to put God first in her life over her own desires, I don't know about y'all, but I think she's an inspiration like her husband and his brother.  Moriah's full name is Moriah Castillo Peters. She has a lovely older sister named Bianca. Moriah's song Brave is an inspirational masterpiece, along with her song You Carry Me, both are heartfelt and powerful songs. Moriah and Joel make a cute couple and have a kitty name Adalina. Here's the link to Brave Moriah Peters - Brave (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube  Peace Out!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

A-Z: L

Image result for luke smallbone recentLyssa's Log: Luke Smallbone! Yep, Joel's younger brother and second half of for King & Country. Luke is married to Courtney Helm and they have 2 sons, Jude James and Phoenix Alexander. Luke and Courtney got married on June 26th, 2010. Luke is 2 years younger than Joel and 9 years younger than their sister Rebecca St. James. Luke has an illness called ulcerative colitis, its the distant cousin of Crohn's disease. My mother has the same disease. Luke had to come off road and miss the tour because of it, he said he had just enough strength to make it from his bed to the living couch and that was it. He didn't have the strength to lift his child or hug his wife. He isn't fully in the clear but through the power of prayer, He is doing much better and touring again. He actually wrote a song about his sickness. He and Courtney sing it together. Its called Without You, because during his illness Courtney came to him and said "Luke, you can't leave me here, you just can't leave me." That hit him hard and he realized that he needed to write about it.  Luke has long curly hair, before we saw him and his brother at Winter Jam, we didn't know which was which so we called them Moppy hair (Luke) and Non-Moppy hair (Joel). As I said in my J post, Joel is now known as Half-Moppy hair. I love this band, their music is so inspirational and amazing. I suggest listening to their song Shoulders. Its a very powerful song, and many can relate to it. I post a link along with a link to Without You. Please check out this band, you'll be glad you did. Shoulders- For King & Country- Lyrics on Screen - YouTube  For King & Country - Without you feat. Courtney (Lyrics) - YouTube    Peace Out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A-Z: K

Lyssa's Log: Kwazy. Yes, I realize its not a word, no I don't care. Kwazy is usually how I pronounce crazy. I will randomly walk up to a friend and just scream "You is kwazy!" and then I walk away. Its normal in my world. Kwazy can mean anything from "You're crazy and I like that." to "You're crazy and that's very, very creepy.".  Kwazy is my go to adjective, I use it a lot. Kwazy will be "hip" in a few years, you know it will. And when it is, I will be laughing. Because kwazy is how everyone will be talking. Kwazy is the furniture! Future, I mean future. Wait! I bet people will start making Kwazy furniture! And Kwazy hats, kwazy clothes. It won't be long till everything looks kwazy! So, keep an eye out for anyone using the "word" kwazy! Peace Out!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A-Z: J

Lyssa's Log: Joel Smallbone! Joel Smallbone is the oldest brother in the band for King & Country. My favorite band! Joel is married to the christian hit singer Moriah Peters. Joel and Moriah got married in July 2013 and have been happily married since. Joel is known for his dizzying array of hairstyles, for instance, his hair was long and curly, almost completely shaved and now is long and curly on one side of his head. It looks really good though. Joel is a really awesome guy, he speaks with a kind heart and he speaks of a woman's worth, He and his brother Luke believe that a woman is priceless, that she is worth more than all the money in the world. They have a song entitled Priceless and it has got to be my favorite song by far. Joel and Luke are the younger brothers of Rebecca St. James. They were born in Wahroonga Australia and moved here when Joel was 7 and Luke was 5. So Joel has a stronger Australian accent than Luke. Joel can amp up his accent and sound really Australian and he can pretty much make it disappear! He can sound totally American and you wouldn't be able to tell that he's Australian. Here's the link to their song Priceless Priceless by for KING & COUNTRY (Lyrics) - YouTube  Peace Out!

Monday, April 11, 2016

A-Z: I

Lyssa's Log: Imagination. We all have an amazing, colorful, weird, crazy and sometimes scary imagination. But, we all dream of something from our imagination. For instance, your dream wedding. You put a lot of thought into it, hoping that it will be exactly what you dreamed of. My imagination is colorful, weird, crazy, amazing, incredible, annoying, extravagant and just plain odd, and so is yours. No offense is meant, but we all have an incredible and unique imagination. Your imagination is always a fun thing, Think of your favorite animal, do you have it? Ok I'll wait, ready? Ok good, now think of your favorite place, favorite things, just favorite everything and there you go! Imagination! Now that we've hit our imagination jack pots, we can all have a goofy grin! :} See? Goofy! Peace Out!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

A-Z: H

Lyssa's Log: Happy birthday to my youngest brother Xander! He's turning 8 today! For his birthday, I've gotten him a teddy bear with stripes, we decided to name it Bearjamin, Bearjamin Backus. Benjamin Backus is the cello player from my favorite band, so we decided to name it Bearjamin. Its an adorable bear, can't wait to give it to him. Next week we will go camping in celebration of his birthday. Birthdays are fun, for mine, I got to teach a portion out of the Bible in front of my friends and family. My adorable friend Lilly just turned 5 and had a birthday party at the Tulsa zoo. My friend Brooklynn is having a rainbow unicorn party in a few weeks. I'm getting her a rainbow bear named Teddy-dashii. Tedashii is her favorite rapper, so I will name it Teddy-dashii. So, help me wish my adorable, weird and ever so slightly crazy brother a happy birthday. He will be super excited to get happy birthday wishes. And to everyone who is having a birthday, or you know someone with a birthday coming up, tell them Lyssa says to have a great one! Peace Out!

Friday, April 8, 2016

A-Z: G

Lyssa's Log: Grrrr! I can't think of anything for G! Wait! Grrrr starts with G, that's what I'll do! I'll talk about the things that make me say Grrrr! Traffic: Grrrr! Murder: Grrrr! Bad music: GRRRRRRRR! Wait! Who else says Grrrr when it comes to bad music? I think that's a given, I mean seriously, who listens to a song, determines that its a bad song and then says "Oh I'm so glad that this song sucks!"? No one! Alright, moving on...I got nothin'. But I'm sure y'all have a lot to say about what angers you! Bad music, jerky people, beef jerky in general. Actually, I'm not sure why beef jerky would make you upset but hey, whatever floats your Grrrr boat. So, if you have a unique pet peeve, go ahead and tell me. But, it has to be a unique one. I'll give you one of mine. Wait for it.....spoons. I mean, what are spoons?! Is it a bowl with an unusually weird handle? Or, is it a stick with a weird, bowl-like handle? Does anyone else feel like spoons are infuriating?  Anyway, leave a comment telling me what makes you say Grrrr! Peace Out!

Image result for grrr