Thursday, April 28, 2016

A-Z: X

Lyssa's Log: Xtra special! I went to my 4th concert last night and it was AWESOME! I went to see Home Free, the world's first and only country A Capella band. I saw them in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Cox Business Center!  I got to say hi and hug my favorite member, hug the tenor's girlfriend, the bass' girlfriend, the newest member and I got to highfive the merch guy Nate! I enjoyed this very much! I got to hang with Chance (the newest member) for 15 minutes! He and the rest of the band signed a packet of brown gravy for me! I amused the bass, Tim, slipping my glasses on and off and making a squeaking sound while I did it. I conversed with the beatboxer, Adam, about movies and my being short. I was very happy with this show! They are a bunch of amusing dorks. I gave Chance an odd compliment. I said "Hey Chance! Can I give you an odd compliment? You is like a broken skunk, you do not stink." He got a kick out of that! I gave Austin's girlfriend a plastic cow, her favorite animal is cow. These guys are seriously fun and talented creatures. Adam hit new low notes that made my necklace vibrate so much that it was jumping and floating off my shirt! My family and I got to take pictures with their tour bus Waldo and my sister and I took a couple intermission selfies! Peace Out!

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