Friday, April 15, 2016

A-Z: M

Image result for joel and moriahLyssa's Log: Moriah Peters!  Moriah Peters is the lovely wife of Joel Smallbone. She is an amzing and very talented christian artist. Moriah has a dizzying array of hairstyles just like her husband. Sometimes its long and white, other times its short and brown. And at unexpected times its long and brown or short and white. Moriah is really pretty and encouraging. She and Joel saved their first kiss for their wedding day, and she explained why. "Well, this is something that God told me to save, I felt  Him pulling on me and saying "Just wait." so I listened.". As she explained, she likes to put God first in her life over her own desires, I don't know about y'all, but I think she's an inspiration like her husband and his brother.  Moriah's full name is Moriah Castillo Peters. She has a lovely older sister named Bianca. Moriah's song Brave is an inspirational masterpiece, along with her song You Carry Me, both are heartfelt and powerful songs. Moriah and Joel make a cute couple and have a kitty name Adalina. Here's the link to Brave Moriah Peters - Brave (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube  Peace Out!

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