Saturday, April 2, 2016

A-Z: B

Lyssa's Log: Today is the second day of the A-Z challenge so that means B. Backseat Driver! No, I'm not one, but there is a song by that name. Backseat Driver was written by TobyMac and performed with Hollyn and his son Truett (a.k.a. TRU). This is a really nice song simply stating that we won't try to take over God's job of leading us through life and really saying that we are lost without him and that we will follow him and let him take over. TobyMac is a really fun artist and he's paired up with some incredible artists like Hollyn, TRU, NF, Britt Nicole, Jamie Grace and Capital Kings. SO when TobyMac came out with this song it was a surprising new twist. He does another song with Hollyn titled Lights Shine Bright. Hollyn and Toby are a good music pairing in my opinion. They have similar music taste and it just fits when you put them together. I will have links to some Hollyn songs, and of course Backseat Driver. Please listen to these songs and let me know what you think, don't forget to also let Toby know what you think! Here are the links:TobyMac - Backseat Driver (Lyric Video) ft. Hollyn, Tru - YouTube  Hollyn - Alone (Feat. TRU) [Official Lyric Video] - YouTube  Peace Out!


  1. I'm unfamiliar with the song but i hate backseat drivers in real life. Good luck with the challenge.

    Pam Margolis
    An Unconventional Librarian

    Co-Host, Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

  2. I wonder if it's better to follow or to try to lead even if it's hard. At least when you try to do what you want you can live with the fulfilling sense that you are a master of your own destiny and not a victim of your circumstances.

  3. I like Toby Mac's music but haven't heard this song. I'll check it out!

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