Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A-Z: P

Image result for priceless for king and countryLyssa's Log: Priceless. Priceless is my favorite song in the entire music industry ever! It was written by christian pop band, for King & Country. They are my favoritest band. The brothers in the band are Joel and Luke Smallbone. Priceless is about the worth of a woman,"Part of the DNA of for KING & COUNTRY is this idea of respect and honor in relationships and women being priceless," Joel said in a press release. "What we've both found in our beliefs as men is that people are made equal. No one is a commodity and everyone deserves to be loved and loved well." "The best legacy I can leave is if I am a good dad and good husband. If my family environment was out of whack, I don't know if I'd even be able to write songs anymore," said Luke. They have a necklace with an Australian one cent coin in it, declaring that women are priceless, and that men should treat them that way. They have a bracelet that says Respect and Honor on it. As Joel said "The respect and honor bracelets are a sign to men saying "Women are priceless, count me in, I wanna be a part of this movement, chivalry is not dead."".  The chorus of Priceless is simply this: I see you dressed in white, every wrong made right. I see a rose in bloom, at the sight of you, Oh so PRICELESS. Its a very moving and building song. I don't know about y'all, but this song definitely builds my self-esteem. The whole PRICELESS movement is amazing. The Smallbone brothers have a movie coming out soon entitled PRICELESS, the main character in the movie is Joel and Luke is the director. Moriah Peters' sister Bianca also stars in the movie. Here's the link to Priceless, I suggest taking a look at the necklace and bracelets. Priceless by for KING & COUNTRY (Lyrics) - YouTube Peace Out! 

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