Monday, April 4, 2016

A-Z: C

Lyssa's Log: Wow, C already? Well, alright. Let's see, Oh! I got it! Carnations! So, I've got some pretty unique fears, like high-pitched noises and flowers. Daisies to be exact, so carnations are the only flower that doesn't scare me. Carnations have this look, I see this look as if it was saying "I'm priceless, I may not be pretty, but I still bloom for the creator". These flowers make me feel special, I hope to have these planted everywhere someday, I hope to have them at my wedding as well. I like the colors of carnations too, violet, blue, red, yellow and black. Black cynthia carnations are my favorite, they're white with black stripes and trim around the top of the petals. These make me think of purity and innocence (white), but also sin and destruction (black). As you can see in the picture below, there is a lot less black than there is white. In other words, We may have sin in our hearts and on our petals, but the Son of God's innocence and purity still shines through. Well, I bet y'all are busy so Peace Out!
Image result for black carnations

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