Thursday, April 14, 2016

A-Z: L

Image result for luke smallbone recentLyssa's Log: Luke Smallbone! Yep, Joel's younger brother and second half of for King & Country. Luke is married to Courtney Helm and they have 2 sons, Jude James and Phoenix Alexander. Luke and Courtney got married on June 26th, 2010. Luke is 2 years younger than Joel and 9 years younger than their sister Rebecca St. James. Luke has an illness called ulcerative colitis, its the distant cousin of Crohn's disease. My mother has the same disease. Luke had to come off road and miss the tour because of it, he said he had just enough strength to make it from his bed to the living couch and that was it. He didn't have the strength to lift his child or hug his wife. He isn't fully in the clear but through the power of prayer, He is doing much better and touring again. He actually wrote a song about his sickness. He and Courtney sing it together. Its called Without You, because during his illness Courtney came to him and said "Luke, you can't leave me here, you just can't leave me." That hit him hard and he realized that he needed to write about it.  Luke has long curly hair, before we saw him and his brother at Winter Jam, we didn't know which was which so we called them Moppy hair (Luke) and Non-Moppy hair (Joel). As I said in my J post, Joel is now known as Half-Moppy hair. I love this band, their music is so inspirational and amazing. I suggest listening to their song Shoulders. Its a very powerful song, and many can relate to it. I post a link along with a link to Without You. Please check out this band, you'll be glad you did. Shoulders- For King & Country- Lyrics on Screen - YouTube  For King & Country - Without you feat. Courtney (Lyrics) - YouTube    Peace Out!

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