Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A-Z: K

Lyssa's Log: Kwazy. Yes, I realize its not a word, no I don't care. Kwazy is usually how I pronounce crazy. I will randomly walk up to a friend and just scream "You is kwazy!" and then I walk away. Its normal in my world. Kwazy can mean anything from "You're crazy and I like that." to "You're crazy and that's very, very creepy.".  Kwazy is my go to adjective, I use it a lot. Kwazy will be "hip" in a few years, you know it will. And when it is, I will be laughing. Because kwazy is how everyone will be talking. Kwazy is the furniture! Future, I mean future. Wait! I bet people will start making Kwazy furniture! And Kwazy hats, kwazy clothes. It won't be long till everything looks kwazy! So, keep an eye out for anyone using the "word" kwazy! Peace Out!

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