Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A-Z: D

Image result for trip leeLyssa's Log: Djs! I love being a Dj, I have an app on my tablet that allows me to be a Dj. Dj really means disc jockey because the mixer would flip the records and discs and spin around and just wouldn't stop moving and playing while mixing the music. I love the music, but there's something more...the clothes! The style, the colors, its so me! I like to refer to myself as a crazy, colorful, weird, awkward dj. I highly recommend getting a dj app or listening to sick bass drops because they're awesome! My favorite dj has to be Trip Lee, he is awesome! I saw him perform live with KB and Tedashii, 2 rappers on the Winter Jam 2016 tour in Tulsa. Trip Lee is an incredibly talented Dj. In my opinion, the best dj, but, y'all have to go listen to him and find out for yourselves. Here's the link to Robot by Trip Lee. Trip Lee - Robot w/LYRICS - YouTube  Tell me what you think! Peace Out!

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