Thursday, February 12, 2015


Lyssa's Log: Cake! My cake, your cake, her cake, Bob's cake, everywhere cake! I feel that cake is used to much if you know what I mean. Like history, Let them eat cake! and birthdays, Happy birthday blow out the candles on your cake!. Do you think God had cake for his birthday? No! but everyone thinks that cake is needed. Wait a minute why am I talking about cake again? Oh right the nineteenth of February is my birthday!. i just feel if I had a choice for my birthday cake I would say I want a Darth Vader cookie cake simple! What is it with cake? I mean its not like Gingerbread is celebrated a lot. So why cake? In Western culture, a birthday cake is often decorated with a person's name or designed to fit that person's personality and interests. The word "cake" is of Scandinavian origin, related to the Swedish "kaka" and Danish "kage." Modern cake celebrations are the culmination of various traditions from different cultures from all over the world. Traditionally, birthday candles were used to bring birthday wishes to the gods. The Greeks would pray over the flames and believed the smoke carried their wishes up to the gods. Greeks also placed candles on top of the cake to make the cake glow like the moon god Artemis. The Germans would burn a large candle that had 12 lines and numbers, which marked the 12 months of the year. This candle represented the Light of Life and was used for religious practices. This evolved into using candles on the cake to equal the number of a person's birthday. Traditionally, the birthday person blows out the candles and makes a wish. Modern superstitions state you must blow out all the candles to receive your wish and you cannot tell your wish to anyone or it will not come true. But hey, Ice Cream and Gingerbread can be fun too. I have a night of fun slumber ahead of me and I would love for you to get rest too so Peace Out!

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