Saturday, February 14, 2015

Florida Home Georgia Free Line

Lyssa's Log: I know, I know it sounds weird because I merged two totally different bands but it will make sense in a minute. Okay flashbaaaaack, I was listening to my favourite band in the world (Home Free) when my sis got me hooked on FGL (Florida Georgia Line) . Sooooo back to Florida Home Georgia Free Line its a mixture of the two bands which is so awesome. I listen to them during school, when i'm bored in the car. when I'm playing my computer and now while I'm blogging. I will also accept Darius Rucker at bored times when I am doing my Torah Study. Home Free is the first and only COUNTRY A Cappella band and its a boy band! Well Florida Georgia Line is a boy band too (but not as cute as Home Free!). I think it would be awesome if Home Free and Florida Georgia Line both did a cover of  Paul Simon's You Can Call Me Al! I think I need to change my song so see you next time Peace Out!

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  1. Good band choices. I agree Home Free is better, but FGL is good, too.